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Unearthing Subconscious Patterns: Your First Step Towards Living as The Rooted Woman

Okay, Sister, we are going to jump right in! Let's talk about something that might be holding you back without you even realizing it—your subconscious patterns. Or sometimes we refer to this as our limiting beliefs, our narrative, ego, default energy, assumptions or agreements we made somewhere along the way (usually in childhood). These patterns tend to exist just beyond your awareness, or they might whisper in the back of your mind, constantly shaping and measuring how you see yourself and the world around you. 

Sound familiar? 

Why Subconscious Patterns Matter

Here is a dose of Truth: these patterns have a HUGE impact on your life, and probably far more than you realize. They affect anything and everything, ranging from your roots of spirituality to self-worth to community and creative expression; and, they show up in your family, day to day decisions and your workplace. 

What I really want to drive home and into your heart today, Sister, is while they are powerful, they are only powerful when left in the shadows


But, when left unknown, they hold massive power over our perspectives, thoughts, feelings, experiences, stress responses - our entire BE-ing is controlled subconsciously (for more information on BE-ing, click HERE). Because of this, we expend a great amount of time and internal resources trying to run a tight ship so that nothing gets triggered, aggravated, or exposed, in order to keep our patterns in tact.

Examples of subconscious patterns or beliefs sound like, "I'm not good enough" or "I don't deserve happiness" or “I don’t feel safe or secure,” yet, we experience them as “truths” vs. Truths. 

The result? Striving, hustling, binging, perfecting, pleasing, controlling, exacting, performing, achieving, fawning, running, freezing, showcasing, avoiding, shrinking, comparing, exhausting, shaming, complaining, depressing, ruminating, contorting, second-guessing, addicting, demeaning, criticizing, flailing, questioning, reacting, defending, stumbling, crying, raging, etc.

What you have yet to learn is that any of these misinformed assumptions are built off of a strategy you designed as a child (with such brilliance, I might add), to adapt to your circumstances. You also are about to realize that these are old versions that you have since outgrown and that they no longer serve you. 

Any true and lasting transformation takes a Loving, Grace-Filled and Compassionate look at your subconscious patterns, and works to shift the energy behind it; shift your BEING-ness.

Steps to Unearth Your Subconscious Beliefs

To truly embody the essence behind The Rooted Woman, and what it means to practice living like one, you need to begin exploring what your own personal subconscious patterns are and what kind of strategies you have adopted as a result.

Here are some simple yet powerful ways to begin exploring: Notice the automatic beliefs or story you tell yourself when you:

  • Look in the mirror or get dressed in the morning

  • Visit your family of origin

  • Go to a work party

  • Meet a new neighbor

  • Prepare to lead a meeting

  • Play a game or sport with others

  • Are asked to create, sing, dance, move

  • Are faced with conflict or a stressful situation

  • Are asked to do something for someone else

  • Aren’t able to control something

  • Aren’t able to make or do something perfectly

There are several ways we can catch a glimpse inside our narratives, so maybe you can come up with some on your own. 

Another way to reveal your patterns is to revisit the italicized list of RESULTS that I mentioned above, and write down the ones that you resonate with the most. What do these results reveal about what you might be believing to be true? 

Then, with this new information, begin to spend some time journaling what comes up for you. If you feel led, maybe share these with a trusted friend and ask for her wisdom or insight.

Embrace the Work

You're on a journey, Sister, and it's a beautiful one. Identifying your shadowy side is not an easy task. It tends to be sneaky, and we can so easily resist it or avoid it altogether (did you do the exercise?!) because it is not comfortable! Yet, each time we turn away from it, we are simply reinforcing the power it holds over our lives.

And I don’t want that for you any longer. 

Know that you are not alone in this, and I am here for you should you feel the call for your own powerful transformation. I believe in you!

Be Rooted, 

Sara H.

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