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Words that leave me speechless, spoken by some remarkable women who have blessed me beyond measure.

I am honored by every woman who I get to truly see.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

My time with Sara was so incredibly potent. If I had to rate it on a scale, I would give her a 10/5. Sara comes to the conversation with so much heart and presence, allowing you to feel safe to express the parts of yourself that you want to hide away. The work I did with Sara was about tuning into some of the old stories that I still had running, discerning what was mine, and being gentle my child self. This conversation was a catalyst for me in moving past some of my own fears in launching my own coaching business. It was exactly the gift my heart needed to support me in taking the next steps. I'll be forever grateful. 

- J. L.

Image by Prophsee Journals

       It's amazing how much can be unpacked when two souls come together in an intentional and meaningful way.

My time with Sara was truly profound. I had insights into areas of my life that I had already done (plenty) of healing work on. And yet she held space in a way that allowed me to access a kinder & more loving perspective. Her capability of deeply listening and encapsulating the moment with thoughtful & provocative words was nothing short of Presence. Additionally, I touched on a younger age that needed some loving kindness and I had never visited or acknowledged her pain before. 

To put our time together in a star format I would easily say 5 starts. 10/10. All the highest ratings. But, the ratings aren't nuanced enough to honor how seen I felt. Or how heard I felt. Or acknowledged. Sara's capacity is deep and wide. 

I am blessed and thankful to have been a recipient of her loving & healing presence.


With the deepest bow- I bow to the light within.

- S. M.

Image by Unseen Studio

Sara is one of the most deep and insightful people you will ever meet. She has a rare and incredible ability to intuitively see where a person is at in their life and guide them toward their own wisdom and healing in a way that is not only validating but also life changing. Her authenticity and true passion for women to be whole makes you feel seen and known and at ease. She is a true gem and knowing her is one of the greatest gifts I've been given.

- H. H.

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Sara is one of those people that can meet you right where you are at, with absolutely no judgment and complete love and understanding. She can go deep fast and truly help you get to the root of issues and things in your life. Her perspective is sensitive and thoughtful and also rich and full of incredible wisdom and insight. I recommend her to everyone I meet! I’m so glad that I found her!

- J. P.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Sara’s guidance, her whole-hearted presence is such a gift. I have personally never met a human so intuitive and dedicated to leading others to healing and wholeness. She is truly remarkable. Her intuition and discernment are powerful companions for any woman seeking to be one with their healthiest and whole self.

- L. M.

Image by Flor Saurina

Sara has been gifted with the rare ability to meet people in their mess and provide a loving, discerning, and non-judgmental presence. Sara has helped me to reach incredible breakthroughs in my healing journey.

- K. N.

Image by Jon Tyson

Sara is the epitome of a transformational coach -- first and foremost because she is a student of her own transformation. Her commitment to letting life open her and teach her creates the depth from which she draws her deep well of empathy, wisdom, and relentless hope. Sara helped me craft a vision for my life that I could come back to during difficult times- she both spoke the truth in love, while holding me in the unconditional gaze of love. She has that unique ability to really help you feel like nothing you could say or do would ever cause her to think any less of you. She is the biggest cheerleader for women to live their fullest, biggest lives. I trust her implicitly and recommend her to anyone who wants a transformational coach who can hold whatever they might bring to the table.

- T.W.

Image by Rosie Kerr
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