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Your 6 Essential Roots: Why Do These Matter?

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and transformation requires a solid foundation. As I like to say, we need to “ROOT DOWN to RISE” - in other words, we can work to transform and shift subconscious patterns (read more HERE) and uplevel how we are BE-ing (read more about that HERE), but if we don’t know what or how to really anchor ourselves in this new energy, then we can really struggle with integration. 

As a transformational coach working with women, I have identified six key areas, or "Roots," that serve as the pillars for a profound and holistic shift towards your Highest, most Authentic Self. In this blog, we will briefly explore the significance of these 6 Roots and why they form the core of what it is to practice living as The Rooted Woman.

I’m glad you’re here! 🌱💫

Spirituality: Nurturing the Soul

At the heart of your journey is your spiritual belief system – your connection with something greater than just your human self living your human experience. By exploring and nurturing your sense of spirituality, you are then able to Root Down to access a profound source of strength, guidance, and purpose. This Root provides a sacred space for self-reflection, meditation, and a connection to universal Love.

Without being rooted in this way, you can lose sight of life’s purpose, feel worn down, lack understanding or ways of processing hardships, you can feel empty, as though life has no meaning, grow cynical, disconnected, etc.

Intuition: Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Intuition is your subtle yet powerful force that guides you towards what is True and aligned and right and safe for YOU. By Rooting Down into your intuition, you learn to trust your inner wisdom, make authentic decisions, and navigate life, relationships and experiences with confidence. This Root fosters a deep sense of self-trust and an alignment that then becomes undeniable.

Without being rooted in this way, you can easily feel lost, at a whim, unsettled, as though you’re guessing, you may mistrust yourself, resent others, be overly dependent, seek external validation, etc.

Self-Worth: Recognizing Your Inherent Value

The journey towards a deep, resounding authenticity involves recognizing and embracing your own inherent self-worth. This Root involves claiming - not questioning - your innate worth, just because you are here. Period. It is a punctuated stance that says your worth is no longer negotiable, and then living from this new space. Everything in your life up until this point may try and point to you believing that you still aren’t worthy, and those subconscious patterns are strong, I get it. Yet, as women, as we Root Down into our self-worth, and take back what has been stolen from us, we (you) pave the way for a transformative shift that impacts literally everything.

Without being rooted to our TRUE worth, you may give up easily on yourself, constantly strive, perform, please, fix, compensate, prove, compete, and underneath it all, self-shame, loathe, berate, judge, criticize, compare, shrink, etc.

Creative Expression: Unlocking Authenticity

Creativity is a powerful channel for self-expression and authenticity. By Rooting Down into your creative expression, you tap into your unique and beautiful ways of communicating with the world! You are expressing yourself in unlimited and unbound ways that help move energy through you so that you can remain vital, alive and more like a vessel than a holding tank. Whether through art, writing, or movement, this Root allows for the exploration of your inner thoughts, emotions, and desires, fostering a deeper connection with your Highest and most Authentic Self.

Without being rooted in your creative expression, you may feel flat, stuck, stagnant, lethargic, heavy, blocked, stiff, rigid, as though you have nothing to offer, denial, smallness, etc.

Core Values: Living in Alignment

Identifying and living in alignment with your FABULOUS core value system is crucial for a purpose-driven, intentional and fully aligned life! This Root involves a journey of self-discovery to understand what truly matters to you at your core by revealing what truly drives and motivates you.. By Rooting Down into your core values, you will gain clarity on your true priorities, make decisions in alignment with your authentic selves, and create a life that reflects your deepest desires and way of BE-ing.

Without being connected to your values, you can feel lost, unsure, unsettled, confused to why things or situations feel the way they do, as though you’re wandering, disappointed, missing the mark, lack of purpose, anxious, disconnected

Community: Thriving Together

No transformative journey is complete without a supportive Sisterhood! Rooting Down into community involves connecting with like-minded, deep-hearted, soul-driven women who share similar aspirations and challenges. This Root provides a network of support, encouragement, and shared experiences, creating a sense of belonging and unity as you’re embarking on your path while they are on their. Your healing community will call you deeper, hold you higher, bless your spirit and speak into you as you are transforming. Your Sisters will mirror you, uphold your desires, laugh with you, cry with you, rush in, provide space and offer out medicine.

Without being connected to a soul-full community, you may feel isolated, unknown, unsupported, lethargic, empty, 

Living As The Rooted Woman

First of all, SHE is not a destination. I use the word “practice” a lot, and I use it on purpose. Because, just like on your yoga mat, some days feel better and your breath or asana feels more accessible and other days you’re stiff, feeling wobbly or like you need a solid child’s pose. What matters more than aaaaany of that, is whether you compassionately come back to your mat again and again and again. And, no matter how advanced we are, we still have days where we slip, feel off or like we need child’s pose!

I have plenty of those days. I never want to imply that practicing living as The Rooted Woman is super easy all the time; however, I DO want to emphasize that it is a practice that has become sacred, Holy and serves as my lifelong, so I fiercely protect it. And my people know it (even if I was more pleasing to them when I lived a smaller life.) 🌿

In essence, the 6 Roots offer a comprehensive framework for deep and lasting transformation. Join me on this journey of self-discovery as we explore your Roots and work together (I give my whole heart, btw) to uncover the transformative power that is already within you. 💖

Ready to Root Down and Rise? Reach out and let me know!

Be Rooted, 

Sara H.

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