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The Rooted Woman regularly tends
to her 6 essential roots


​She possesses an innate understanding of her 6 essential "roots" and how they deeply enrich and support WHO she is. She is attuned, and purposefully tends to each of them while noticing which of them may need nourishment. She then lovingly attends to her roots - her core identity - as a part of her daily life.


This self-awareness and intentional living empowers her to live from her newfound RISE energy, which is a life of confidence, resilience, certainty, an unapologetic authenticity.

​It is a well-designed practice that resonates deep within her soul, fostering an experience of groundedness and grace in her experiences.​

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Your 6 Essential Roots




core values

creative expression




Our intuition is our inner guide. It is our innate wisdom, our compass, it's that gut feeling we get sometimes. When we are not connected to this, we suffer, because with each and every time we abandon, deny or avoid our deepest knowing, we are reinforcing to ourselves that we aren't trustworthy, that we don't actually know what we know, and that our needs don't matter as much. The consequence of this disconnection often manifests as reactivity, guilt, feeling lost, indecisive, fearful, anxious and cut off from our bodies. The vital nourishment that comes from this connection is so rich, that as we practice attunement with our intuition, we begin to open our eyes. We can see more clearly, breathe more fully, know more confidently, experience greater fulfillment and live more on purpose! It is a critical life force in the life of The Rooted Woman. Now, sometimes we may have a subconscious fear of tapping into our intuition because (intuitively!) we know something is off in our life and we may not feel ready to be confronted with it. Which is an incredibly valid experience. It can stir up dissonance or incongruence, or even reinforce a sense of powerlessness if we KNOW something that we should do, but are not aware of how or when it can be done. The pain this can cause us in our psyche, soma and spirit can be overwhelming, so if that is the case, doesn’t it make sense that it’s easier for us to try and stuff or deny what our gut so desperately wants us to know, hear or do? So, when we don’t feel connected, resourced or within our own agency to deeply connect with and honor our intuition, we suffer. Yet, I assure you Sister, if this is you, there are ways to work WITH your intuition to honor what you sense AND what your personal circumstances, values or beliefs are also saying. It’s about synergy; about bringing everything into alignment as we practice balance, safety and resilience in this Collective.


Spirituality is a connection to something that is greater than you; whether it’s God, a divine presence, universal energy or collective consciousness. It is a sacred pathway to receiving wisdom and guidance, experiencing resilience and growth, finding meaning and purpose, and to expanding our ability to love and understand and show kindness to others. It is one of our sources of Truth, it is the nutrients of Love, and it is the balm for feeling too small, too alone or insignificant. Rooting down into spirituality is essential, as it is the gateway to a profound alignment with our innermost self, the world around us, and to a higher and greater energy that permeates all of existence. When we nurture this root, we have access to something that alleviates us from having to “figure it all out alone” - it provides us with connection, a higher vibrational energy, the ability to reframe and expand our perspectives, and it can offer us a sense of hope. Which means, when we are not connected in this way, we can experience a great sense of disconnection, isolation, and/or lack of meaning. The consequences can be painful, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, as it often manifests as emptiness, confusion, and/or lacking in insight or understanding. This indifference or void in our lives can leave us vulnerable to the ups and downs (and downright sideways) when we don’t have something greater than us that we can anchor into for safety or guidance, or to look towards to help us make sense of the things that happen in our lives. This is true not only for the chaos (let alone the impact and subsequent effects of trauma), but also for the goodness and beauty, awe and wonder. Sometimes it can be hard to cultivate or connect to an understanding of our own spirituality, right? And that’s okay. Some of us have histories of religious or spiritual abuse, or come from an agnostic lineage or have had painful experiences with an organized religion and therefore have veered away from exploring what a new type of spirituality can mean. So even while this may feel hard, it may be important to remember that this is a deeply personal endeavor, and in The Rooted Woman Collective, there is guidance, suggestions and ways in which to begin cultivating something that resonates with you.


I firmly believe that our self-worth is our most essential root because it either serves as our mobilizer or our immobilizer. Our sense of worth and value resides within us, attentively observing and appreciating - or tearing down and criticizing the very essence of our being. Therefore, our self-belief, at its core, possesses the power to propel us towards progress or hold us back from embracing our full potential. Self-worth is expressed energetically; as in, it shows up in how we walk into a room, whether we shrink or expand, stand up tall or hunch our shoulders forward, whether we advocate for ourselves or others, or appease and please to secure our safety. It determines our confidence, our security, our emotional and mental wellbeing. So, when we cultivate a strong and connected sense of worth, separate from harmful messaging and narratives, we are empowered to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace. We can embrace our worthiness to pursue our dreams, goals, and aspirations, free from the constraints of societal expectations, limitations or the need for external validation. It empowers us to claim our authentic selves, unapologetically expressing our thoughts, desires, and emotions, thereby fostering genuine connections with ourselves and others. Yet, depending on your story and life experiences, all of this cultivation of self-worth may feel really far off for you. You may feel buried underneath all the harmful conditioning so many of us have been exposed to, which is why here at The Rooted Woman we recognize the ways in which to begin safely nurturing this in you, over time and systematically, empowering you to gain back what has always been yours: your inherent, innate birthright of being WORTHY.


Our core value system serves as our personal and unique blueprint that shows us a deeper understanding of our beliefs, what is priority, what drives and motivates us and our behaviors, and what we find the most fulfilling. Our personal values allow the decisions we make to be more aligned with purpose, authenticity, and a greater sense of meaning - which then increases our overall sense of satisfaction. This is huge, and there’s more! As our actions resonate with our core principles, our sense of self strengthens as does our confidence, integrity, authenticity and experience of fulfillment. Because, when we honor our values, we ensure that we are doing things that align with what matters most to us rather than making decisions or living in ways that feel off, random, or as though we are winging it all without a real sense of clarity. Tapping into and rooting down into our core value system provides us with a sense of personal integrity, builds self-trust, offers us an honest opportunity to assess our lives and make adjustments in order to live in more balanced, fulfilled and meaningful ways. So often we adopt the values we were raised with, the values of a school system, religion or society without ever really questioning them and whether or not they actually resonate with us. The key is to unearth and reveal what our own UNIQUE value system is and to understand the WHY behind them. They often show up as messengers, letting us know that we are either spot on with something that we are doing (because we feel energized, grounded, aligned and/or excited and motivated) or we are off or out of alignment (because we feel unsettled, anxious, uncertain, dread and/or unmotivated). At The Rooted Woman Collective, we take seriously the power that comes from living a values-based life. There will be support here to help you discover your own unique set of values, as well as coaching and accountability around how to actually begin living them out! A process I personally hold close to my heart, as my life had changed for the better once I went through the process of unveiling and honoring my own.


This root has everything to do with how we process and reflect ourselves in the world. From self-expression and discovery, to advocacy and empowerment, to healing and self-compassion, to breaking through ceilings and innovation, to sexuality and sensuality, to connection and empathy, to influence and cultural preservation, to legacy and inspiration, to authenticity and integrity…. finding ways to creatively express ourselves is a vital life force energy that impacts every aspect of our lives! It is important to know that it is not about what we create, rather, it is far more about the act of creating or expressing ourselves. We have a lot bottled up inside of us, don’t we? Being able to fully and creatively express ourselves is essential in the life of The Rooted Woman. Without it we are stagnant, stuck, stuffed, and recirculating our energy rather than generating more of it. Life can feel flat, limited, one dimensional and tunnel visioned when we aren’t expressing the beautiful and meaningful flow of creativity that is already within us. Yet when we do, an entire world opens up to us! Here at The Rooted Woman Collective, we believe in the healing properties and power of creative expression. We believe in the authenticity, vulnerability, discovery, stress-relief, problem solving, empowerment, joy and personal fulfillment that comes from rooting down into and connecting with our creative side, and are dedicated to finding ways to honor this in our lives.


Our container, our support system, our community is an essential root because it soothes our need for belonging, connectedness, solidarity, stimulation and support. It provides for us a mirror, a reflection to see ourselves through where we are celebrated, encouraged, honored for our perspectives, wisdom and lived experiences. It also provides us with opportunities to engage, practice deep empathy, compassion and listening to the spoken and unspoken of other women. WE get to become the mirror for others, just as they do for us. There is a mutual and beautiful exchange that happens when we root down, align, and open ourselves - even while afraid - to inviting quality women into our lives. By actively engaging in a community, we cultivate connections, find support, and create a meaningful impact that enriches our own life and the lives of others. It strengthens our resilience, increases our self-esteem, emboldens our dreams, and helps us with all of the heavy lifting we do in our lives. It also offers us laughter, light-heartedness, opportunities to grow and learn, stretch our thinking, challenge our conditioning and breakthrough harmful beliefs we have believed for years! So many of us, though, live or have lived without a strong sense of community, or the one we belong to doesn’t provide the richness that we long for. We were never meant to live without meaningful connections, yet so many of us live either in isolation, unsupportive circles, or have become so used to (or even pride ourselves in) being fiercely independent (which was me, for way too long). At The Rooted Woman Collective, we recognize the need for strong support from like-minded, deep-hearted, soul-centered women, and the vulnerability, openness, courage and collective love it takes to generate these types of communities. If you don’t feel like you belong anywhere and you resonate with what is being created here, maybe you will consider joining The Collective - a space where safety, kindness and rooting down infuse our intentional spaces!

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