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Are you a conscious, visionary woman who knows you have a bigger purpose, but:

  • Still find yourself repeating the same old patterns, even though you may have been to therapy, read the self-help books and listened to the podcasts?
  • Feel like you're living a muted, fractured or constricted version of yourself?
  • Know that your past experiences and/or trauma are still infuencing your everday life?
  • Is exhausted from surviving, going through the motions, and living a life that feels like a fragment of what you sense is possible?
  • Is ready to finally break free, to alchemize your pain into your power, to rise into the fullest expression of your authentic self?

if your heart just picked up a beat,
you're in the right place

Curious what area of your life may be holding you back?


The Coping Dilemma:

The Prison of Your Potential

The Coping Dilemma is the insidious cycle of subconscious patterns and beliefs that keep you trapped in a life of striving, efforting and hustling. It's the constant need for safety or security that is seemingly found through strategies such as

pleasing, performing, pretending, proving, protecting, projecting, problem-solving, or perfecting.


Ugh. Right?!

These are the protective walls you've built

that keep you separate from your True, Authentic Self.

The actual dilemma, then, is that you must continually abandon your authentic Self to try and feel safe and secure.

Yet to BE your authentic Self doesn't feel safe or secure (yet).

Because somewhere along the way it actually wasn't safe or acceptable to be fully and wholly You.

Sister, there is SO MUCH MORE for you than this. I promise.

btw, you're not here by mistake. 
This is your sign that it is time to gently and lovingly
transform the patterns once and for all

Your Sacred Signature: The Blueprint of Your Soul


Your Sacred Signature is the unique imprint of your soul's truth. It's the intersection of your core value system, how you were Divinely Created, your heart's desires and dreams, your natural essence, and your life's mission.

It is the knowing of WHO You are coming back home to, and she has a Name

When you return back to who you truly are, live in alignment with your Sacred Signature supported by a strong foundation in specific areas of your life (your Roots), you experience

Unshakeable Confidence.

Undeniable Worth.

Potent Clarity.

Sharpened Intuition.

Radiant Authenticity



I'm Sara

You're welcome to read my transformational story of hair loss, and how it helped me return back to my true, Authentic Self

I was an insightful, loving, carefree child. I had a vivid imagination, I loved dreaming and pretending and playing. I had a huge heart that was full of love, sparkle, gentleness and desire for connection...


do you:

  • long to know your personal Sacred Signature and understand who you really are?

  • desire to find your purpose and live in alignment with your highest calling?

  • know you are meant for more than what your life feels like right now?

  • want to safely feel, process, and alchemize your experiences into profound wisdom and power?

  • want to do more than just cope or manage?



Then Sister, know this:

I created a relaiable framework to unlock all of this for you.


And, everything I walk my clients through, I have done myself. Deeply. And more than once. 

I coach from the depths of my heart, soul and lived experiences, and when we work together you will feel the potency of what is possible for you.


Your breakthrough is my purpose, and You are

closer to it than you realize

Are you ready to Root Down, 

ditch your Coping Dilemma (once and for all)

understand your Sacred Signature

and RISE into your Highest Self?

The Rooted Woman Approach:
Root Down to RISE

Our signature "Root Down to Rise" framework takes you on a profound journey of remembrance, reclamation, and rising - a sacred return to the truth of who you are and why you're here. Through a potent alchemy of embodiment practices, somatic healing, and sisterhood, you'll:

Group Coaching for Women
  • Root down into your spirituality, intuition, self-worth, values, creative expression, and community  to build an unshakable foundation

  • Uncover the core wounds and limiting beliefs fueling your Coping Dilemma

  • Reclaim the parts of yourself you've abandoned, denied, or forgotten in order to survive

  • Transmute your deepest pain into your greatest power and purpose

  • Embody the breathtaking truth of your Sacred Signature in every area of your life

  • RISE as the magnetic, impactful, unstoppable, Rooted Woman you were always destined to be!

In The Rooted Woman Collective, you'll find:

  • Sacred Space: a Loving, disarming, and potent container as I coach the process of Rooting Down into key areas of your life, uncovering your limiting beliefs and patterns, and embody your Sacred Signature to RISE into your truest and Highest Self.

  • Transformative Practices: Powerful somatic, embodiment, and transformative tools and frameworks to alchemize your default energy, embody your truth, and then align with your purpose.

  • Sisterhood: A compassionate community of conscious women walking the path of reclamation alongside you.


Whether through 1:1 private coaching (intensives, 3 and 6 month containers), group integration programs, or immersive retreats, I offer a range of ways to support your journey back home to yourself.

Your Next Step

If every cell in your body is resonating with a full-bodied "YES", if your soul is whispering (or shouting) that this is the path you've been yearning for, trust that knowing. Your Sacred Signature is ready to be revealed.

Honor that inner wisdom and take your next aligned action, whether that's:

Sister, your journey begins here

1). Take the Quiz

Find out which area of your life might be holding you back from truly supporting your Highest, most Authentic Self

2). Book a Call​

On this call, we'll dive deep into your story, your vision, and your unique path to rising. You'll get clarity on your next steps and feel into whether The Rooted Woman Collective is for you!

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Welcome to The Rooted Woman Collective, Sister.

Rooted in Love,


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