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what makes you
different is what makes you 

 But Sister, you mistakenly believe
that being wholly you isn't okay.

So you feel different.
Alone. Unseen.

I get it. I mean, I totally do.
I believed that by going bald, I was somehow outcasted and "too different" to be truly me. I felt marked by a society that values having great hair. 
Image by Francesco Lo Giudice


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Too many extraordinary women, just like YOU, have lived too much of their lives feeling shackled to a narrative that keeps them from fully living

 My pledge is to bear the torch for every woman who comes into the Collective, with my whole heart, until she becomes so deeply ROOTED into who she is, 

that she RISES into her innate strength; until she is so empowered that she can hold her own torch high and be the Light she is called to be


knowing exactly who you are, what all is innately true about you (you're
freaking amazing and brilliant, btw) and how your differences are what make you YOU - and then being able to live with unshakeable confidence and unapologetic authenticity

Sister, I see you
and I know you're hurting.

imagine with me

I am here to tell you that there is a way to TRULY live like this, and finally break free from what has wrongly defined you and made you feel alone, wrong, or "less than."

It is time, and I HAVE A FRAMEWORK that will show you how.

TODAY is the day to begin your journey of living as
The Rooted Woman


Once you become aware of, build your connection with, and then understand the synergy of all your roots, you will then know, with UNSHAKEABLE confidence, WHO you are at your core.  When you know and understand your Self on this deep level, and are supported by community, something happens: you move from your old, confining and limiting beliefs to resounding and undeniable Rooted Woman energy - and you begin to transform.​

You will ROOT to Rise!

what makes you different is an important part of what makes you YOU
(is this sinking in yet?)

if you feel alone,

if you feel like an outsider,

as if people, or even YOU don't really understand who you are,


this has kept you confused and held back from fully living your life,

you belong here.

Countless extraordinary women, just like YOU, have carried the weight of feeling "othered." Unseen. Invisible. Or otherwise defined by your differences or what doesn't seem to measure up. Whether it is due societal pressures, the way you were raised, your cultural upbringing, your unconventional beliefs, a disability, the trauma in your history that has severed you from your truths (or made you not feel like yourself anymore), or the fact that your journey has led you down a less-traveled path... all of these things can make us feel on the sidelines. Right?


here is the thing though:

you've lived feeling this way for so long now,
that you accidentally bel
ieved you're somehow flawed

Image by Arnaud Mesureur
  • Spirituality
  • Intuition
  • Self Worth
  • Core Values
  • Creative Expression
  • Community

At The Rooted Woman Collective, I am here to tell you that your experiences, your journey, and your essence are all part of what makes you exceptional. You just may not understand how. Yet! Because I am telling you that by truly knowing and understanding, on an energetic, somatic and heart level, what each of your Roots mean to you, you will then know EXACTLY who you are, what your Truths are, what you are capable of and then be able to DO the things that feel far more aligned with a purpose-driven, authentic life

- without apology! 

It's time to learn how to connect deeply with each of your roots:






Yes, I am talking to YOU, Sister

I understand the profound impact that feeling "othered" can have on your life. Yet, I see you, and I am here, holding your torch for you and your transformation AND to offer you a powerful and reliable framework that will take you from feeling unseen and different, to living with fierce authenticity, confidence, certainty, clarity and in a way that can be practiced for the rest of your life.

Tell me, what will you do with this new, unshakeable confidence?!


Start that business?

Leave the job or the relationship?


Say YES to that dream you've kept hidden??


I know you don't want to keep living the way that you have been.

It hurts to feel in the shadows, because somewhere, deep down, you know there is more for you.


You feel it, and I see it.

It is time to find out exactly WHO you are and no longer be defined by your shadow. It is time to embrace your extraordinary qualities and essential truths and live a wildly authentic and unapologetic life!

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